Factors to Take into Account before Choosing Materials for Garden Furniture

Rattan Garden Furniture

There is no thumb rule on selecting furniture for your garden. But when it comes to selecting the materials for this outdoor furniture, there are certain thumb rules. You need to select the materials for the furniture keeping in mind the following factors.

Rain & Moisture

Firstly, you need to take into account the factor of rain and moisture. If you are located in an area that receives a lot of rainfall or where the air is thick with humidity, you need to be careful while selecting the materials for your outdoor garden furniture. Rattan furniture might not be a very good option in your case. You should look for some other materials for your outdoor furniture.

Mould, rot and mildew

Humid and moist conditions take a heavy toll on outdoor furniture in a heavy way. They form situations that are conducive for fungi to thrive. Organic materials with a high capacity to retain water are prone to mould and mildew. If you allow that to happen, it will not only degrade the materials but will also cause health issues. That is why you need to look for materials that are not affected mould and mildew.

Rust and Corrosion

Do not opt for metal, which contains iron or steel, as they are vulnerable to corrosion, due to exposure to water and oxygen. This corrosive oxidation process weakens the metals, resulting in rusting and eventual disintegration of the furniture.


This is another factor that you need to keep in mind while considering outdoor furniture materials. Constant exposure to moisture and heat may lead the materials to warp and get disfigured, thereby ruining the very aesthetics of the furniture.

Sun and temperature

You need to take these two factors into consideration as well. Direct exposure to sun and temperature will expose them to UV rays, which will have an adverse effect on the materials, thereby weakening them. Thus, you need to opt for materials that are resistant to UV rays. Rattan garden furniture is a good option, but only if your locality does not experience too much rain or if the air is not too heavy with moisture.

Fading: Certain outdoor garden furniture fades out due to constant exposure to the heat and sunlight. Now only fading may not cause any structural disintegration but will cause the aesthetics for the furniture set to go for a toss. So you need to ensure that you choose furniture that does not fade away easily.

Cracking: There are certain materials that visibly expand due to heat and crack, thereby damaging the entire furniture to quite an extent. This happens in places where there is very little moisture in the air or there is the extreme fluctuation of temperature, or when there is a drastic difference between the daytime and nighttime temperature. Thus, this has to be taken into account as well, when selecting the right material for the furniture.

While there are the primary factors that are to be taken into account, there are other factors as well, and they may include heat retention, durability, care and cleaning difficulty, cost and eco-friendliness.

Thus, you need to select the type of outdoor furniture, which will be the safest, considering the climatic conditions that prevail in your location. Get to us at Igniteu if you are to get the best outdoor garden furniture of your choice.

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