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Small Garden Ideas

A small garden can still be your oasis; an oasis of calm and tranquillity. A space to relax, mediate and enjoy fun with your family or a few friends whilst still keeping your social distancing. Your garden should be an extension of your indoor space, with outdoor sofas, garden rugs, outdoor cushions and potted plants. Your garden should be an inviting space to unwind, enjoy alfresco dinners at the same time as whiling your time away in your own imaginary destination. This can be achieved adding various types of garden furniture like garden sofas or chairs, potted plants, barbecues or fire pits.

The inside-outside garden trend is about creating a beautiful flow from your interior space to your outdoor space; a seamless and natural flow from one space to the other. Adding plants that work inside and, in the garden, like geranium, boxwood, fuchsias and calla lilies for example, will help to focus your eye from one area to other and bring a harmony that gels the spaces together?

5 ways to make a small outdoor space feel bigger

  1. Use compact furniture that is comfortable and compliments your space. Using garden furniture that is compact, durable and efficient, adding comfortable cushions and rugs – really brings the indoors outdoors.
  2. Use planter on the wall, fence or tiered layer boxes, which will draw the eye upwards, making the smaller space feel bigger and adding the ‘wow’ factor to your garden or balcony.
  3. Dividing your space into smaller compartments. Even in small spaces, you need different areas for seating, gardening or socialising, which will give the illusion of more space thus creating more interest and versatility to enable your space to be used more efficiently.
  4. Potted plants. Ensure you buy the right plants, especially ones that thrive in small spaces like Japanese maple, patio roses, climbing vines, cacti etc. In addition, use plants that can be duplicated inside and outside. This will create a seamless transition from one area to the other and create a peaceful refuge from the world,
  5. Keep it simple: The secret to making a small space to appear bigger, is to keep it simple, clean and in proportion, to make it work much harder for you. Creating organised spaces with dual use garden chest, where blankets, garden tools, or books can be kept, will help the areas look less cluttered and create an illusion of more space.

Ideal Garden Furniture

Using Garden furniture that can withstand all weather conditions are the best buys, as they require little maintenance and minimum replacements. Furniture that is comfortable, but compact and can be easily wiped down (children and pet friendly), would suit most small gardens or balcony gardens. That unforeseeable spillage or drop, won’t raise huge alarms bells, but a quick wipe or throw in the washing machine for convenience, would work much better instead.

Here are three on trend sets that we recommend you looking at:

1. Dawsons Living Faux Rattan Bistro Set – Two Chairs and Small Glass Top Table in Choice of Colours

Dawsons Living Faux Rattan Bistro Set – Choice Of Colours – Conservatory Garden Patio And Decking Furniture Chairs And Glass Top Table SetThe faux rattan bistro set is sure to be a great addition to your garden, which is available in a wide range of colours to best suits your outdoor space and decor. It’s totally water resistant and strong to withstand the outside elements. The synthetic rattan weave partnered with the rust resistant frame mean you can use the set both indoors and outdoors alike. The best part of this gorgeous garden furniture set is, it folds away for easy storage. The chairs can be stack on top of each other with the foldaway table, making storing easy and reducing the space it needs and increasing the much needed room.

The Faux Rattan Bistro Set furniture is great for a small garden or used on a balcony.


2. TecTake Poly Rattan Garden Set – two Chairs and Small Glass Top Table 

TecTake Poly Rattan Garden Set | 2 Chairs And Small Table With Glass Top | Robust Steel Frame – Different Colours

This beautiful Lucerne rattan garden set, comes with deep comfortable removable cushion covers, that can be popped into the wash with little effort for your convenience. The twin style Rattan sofa chairs are great for balcony furniture or small garden and comes with a lovely tampered glass table. It takes up very little space on your balcony or patio, but demands attention with its stylish on trend look, which will bring a sense of pride to you or an eye of envy to your friends and neighbours.

This delightful set comes in three colours; black, brown or grey to compliment the latest colour trend pantone yellow.


2. Bigzzia Rattan Garden Furniture Set for four

Bigzzia Rattan Garden Furniture Set, 4 Piece Patio Rattan Furniture Sofa Weaving Wicker Includes 2 Armchairs,1 Double Seat Sofa And 1 Table

With slightly more garden space, this gorgeous on trend quality compact 4 Piece Rattan Garden Furniture Set may catch your eye and wow your outdoor space. A comfortable double sofa measuring only one meter wide, comes with armchairs just under 60cm wide each, deep cushions with machine washable covers, and a matching tampered glass table. The table can be used to rest your favourite table-top BBQ and eat alfresco or enjoy your favourite drink, whilst allowing your mind to be transport away to your favourite destination.

Enjoy your small garden or balcony space, and make it an area you want to escape to0.

Potted Plants

Outsunny Set Of 4 Garden Raised Bed Elevated Patio Flower Plant Planter Box Vegetables Planting Container PP

Lechuza BALCONERA Color 80 Self Watering Planter Indoor/Outdoor Flower Plant Pot Table and Hanging Window Box with Drainage Hole and Plant Substrate Poly-Resin Slate

Potted plants are now a rage now and you can add some planters to the side or on the floor, to bring some natural beauty and more colours, to really bring your space alive. These two-tier rattan effect self-watering planter box, can help to showcase your favourite flowers or use for your own sustainable vegetable garden, whilst maximising your space. It’s thick bodied, rigid and strong to cope with all weather conditions. Make you area look lush and picturesque, with the latest blooms or vegetables. These two-tier planters compliment the garden furniture and add another dimension and interest to your garden or balcony.

Or why not get these natural looking Self Watering Planter Indoor/Outdoor Flower Plant Pot, which can be hang on your balcony, table, window boxes, that really saves on space. These planter boxes come in three colours, a great addition to any balcony or garden space.

If you want a space to unwind after a hard day’s work or simply relax, turn that redundant space into a haven and bring the oasis to you.


Love your small Garden

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We want you to love your small garden or balcony space - A small garden can still be your oasis, an oasis of calm and tranquillity. Your garden should be an extension of your indoor space, with outdoor sofas, garden rugs, outdoor cushions and potted plants